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Viewing what makes us human through the lens of pathology is not the way I work.  You are whole and complete and have everything you need to make this journey.

Being in the Moment


How does mindfulness play a leading role in my work? Mindfully paying attention to our overall well-being and enhancing our experience through physical vitality, diet and connectedness affords us unlimited access to our true self - our best self.


The practice of Mindfulness is very often described as 

centering one's attention on the process before us while being gentle with ourselves in a non-judgmental way. In my experience and in the experience of many of the individuals who engage in this practice, mindfulness facilitates presence and provides us space to feel more alive and awake to our inner world and our surroundings in any given moment. We become more aware of our emotional and psychological states and with practice, we are more able to create inner space to be fully present.  In in this awareness and "awakeness," we are free to choose where we place our attention affording us the opportunity to engage the world in a more expansive way moment to moment.

Practice Foundation and Hakomi Influence

Hakomi is a Hopi word for exploring the question, "who am I?" Hakomi greatly informs my work and as I listen to and observe your non-verbal behavior, such as tone of voice, gestures, postures and facial expressions, together in mindful awareness we can access and explore your inner world, feelings and beliefs that contribute to your current experience - a kind of "self-study."  

Although my work also consists of strong foundations in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma Focused CBT, Schema Cognitive Therapy, Motivational Interviewing (MI), ARC Model Trauma Focused Therapy, Laban Movement Analysis as well as tools informed by and adapted from coaching frameworks, all of these elements are enhanced by the presence and development of mindful awareness. As we explore your inner world in a gentle and loving environment, we will create a path to your own sense of healing and wholeness. 


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