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About This Unique Program

As a Mindfulness-Centered Psychotherapist and Coach, I help empower leaders and professionals to gain access to their fullest potential. This program is designed to bring you to the next level in your work and life by using a set of customized tools refined over our combined 40 years of expertise in movement psychology, the creative arts, the healing arts and in multiple self-development modalities.


Address Two Key Dimensions to Self Development




Performance Dimension 

  • Clarify values and intentions

  • Observe self-limiting reactions and create new strategies

  • Focus on practical next steps

Therapeutic Dimension

  • Refine a mindfulness practice

  • Develop awareness of body and emotions

  • Observe schemas informed by past developmental experiences

Combined Integration Sessions

Explore key challenges and patterns of concern within your life and community (i.e. team, business, organization, department or family) that can benefit from holistic approaches with both coaches (like Equine Assisted Learning) to making the dynamics within complex systems more conscious. As indicated, these sessions may be with others who may be participating in this process who work within your community as well.

Programs Crafted Around Serving

  • Women Leaders

  • Presentation Skills

  • Career and Interview Skills

  • Leaders who Transform Systems

  • Communication and Team Building

Clients Served Include:

  • Executives

  • Business Owners

  • College Professors

  • Physicians in transition

  • Professionals in transition

This unique program is reserved for anyone who says, “yes” to any one of these questions:

  • Are you a business owner, executive, founder or a leader needing confidential support?

  • Are you already worked with a therapist and using coaching as an adjunctive approach?

  • Are you a therapist, coach, teacher or a professional helper who needs to polish your capacity to both care for yourself and others more effectively?

  • Do you have previous experience with self study and have healed past wounds to the extent you are now ready to focus on your future potential? (Note: Coaching is not designed to take the place of therapy.)

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